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Halloween, raves, Las Vegas…. so many reasons to rock glow in the dark nail polish for a night out! If you want glowing nails, checkout the best brands below. Best Glow in The Dark Nail Varnish and Gel Brands

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There are so many nail lamps online to choose from that it is completely overwhelming. Wattage, voltage, cure time… it can be very confusing to know what matters and what things you should look for when deciding which brand and type of lamp to go with. This

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The Main Differences Between UV and LED Nail Lamps 1. UV nail lamps cure all gel polish brands, LED lamps only cure LED specific gel polish brands 2. LED lamps cure polish faster (30 seconds vs 2 minutes that UV requires) 3. LED lamps cost more 4.

Official 54 Watt Royal Nails Professional UV Light Product Review Price: Varies (Sells out quickly and prices fluctuate) The Royal Nails UV Lamp is the one that I purchased about 5 years ago (still using original bulbs) and LOVE! It is one of the top UV lamps

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I love the feeling of leaving a salon with freshly painted nails but I unfortunately don’t have the money or time to spend several hours getting my nails done every other week. I was spending $25-$35 plus tips for each visit to the salon. Thirty-five dollars here

CND UV Lamp Review

Official CND Shellac 36W UV Lamp Product Review Price: $130 You can’t go wrong when buying the CND UV Lamp! It is made by one of the best nail polish manufacturers in the industry and will work with any type of gel nail polish. This lamp is a

Salon Edge UV Lamp Review

Salon Edge 36W UV Nail Lamp Price: $27.99  The Salon Edge UV lamp is one of the cheapest nail lamps you can get if you are patient enough to do one hand at a time. It comes in white or pink and has a 60 day warranty if you