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practical polish logoHello and welcome to Practical Polish!!! My name is Cindy and for those returning, I am the original site developer’s mom! My amazing daughter Amanda started this blog a couple of years ago and did such a great job that I was thrilled when she asked me to take it over. Amanda has since honed her blog tech skills and has moved on to new, bigger projects, and I was honored that she entrusted me with her creation. Talk about a fun, turnkey operation! We both have a serious passion for DIY nails and saving money…so it was a natural fit. I’m excited to get started!

Some Fun Stuff About Me

  • I also bask in the valley of the sun in Arizona where flip-flops dominate the majority of your closet floor and pristine mani-pedi’s are required year-round
  • I love working as an undergraduate academic advisor at a major university. I do not wear blue or red…ever!
  • I have a degree in geology and a masters in higher education
  • I love the smell of the desert after a thunderstorm – to the point of hyperventilating. Not so much after a haboob
  • I co-owned a custom stained glass studio in North Carolina, and was a production assistant for several PBS DIY TV shows including Glass with Vicki Payne, Paint, Paper and Crafts and One Stroke Painting
  • I love travel, gardening, camping, fishing, family and friends
  • I can destroy a regular manicure in record time…a natural hazard of my affinity for hands-on activities

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