5 Ways to Decorate Nail Polish Racks

Nail Polish Racks are a great way to keep all your pretty polishes in a neat line and easy to find! But sometimes they can be a tad on the boring side so here are a few ideas to help you add some personalization and pizzazz to your rack! These ideas work best with clear acrylic nail polish racks!

Scrapbook Paper with neon green, pink, light orange and yellow stripes1. Use Scrapbooking Paper 

Select your favorite pattern of scrapbook paper and line up the pages perfectly, then place behind your rack. Photo by Filter Forge


scrapbook paper pattern photo2. Repurpose Wallpaper 

Wallpaper is a great resource to use to spice up your nail polish rack. Measure the length and width of your rack and then cut the wallpaper to fit the dimensions and place behind.



glitter  photo3. Add Some Sparkle!

Use glitter to deck out your rack and give it some real flare! Just make sure to use some newspaper to catch all the glitter as it will get a pretty messy! Photo by Shanna Mae


nail polish paint photo4. Paint Designs with Nail Polish

Paint fun and simple designs on the nail polish rack with nail polish! As long as you aren’t constantly bumping or scratching the rack, this should stay on pretty well! Chevron, swirls, polka dots and flowers are pretty easy designs to do with nail polish brushes! Photo by GabrielaP93



wrapping paper photo5. Use up Wrapping Paper

Wrapping paper is inexpensive and a great way to add a pattern to your rack! You can even swap out patterns for seasons and holidays to create a festive mood! Photo by peddhapati


Finding a Nail Polish Rack to Decorate

Don’t have a rack yet? Overwhelmed by all the choices? Check out my Nail Polish Rack Guide to pick which type is perfect for you!



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