Royal Nails UV Lamp Review

Official 54 Watt Royal Nails Professional UV Light Product Review

royal nails uv lamp in packaging

Price: Varies (Sells out quickly and prices fluctuate)

The Royal Nails UV Lamp is the one that I purchased about 5 years ago (still using original bulbs) and LOVE! It is one of the top UV lamps you can buy because it comes at a good price and you can cure both hands/feet at the same time ~ a feature that I really like. If you buy a lamp that only fits one hand/ foot, then you have to double the time it takes to cure your mani/pedi. Another reason you can’t go wrong by buying this brand is that it cures all LED & UV nail polishes so you don’t have to worry about whether or not it works with your favorite nail polish. I use several different brands of polish and it’s nice not to have to worry which brand requires a particular lamp. I can just polish and go!


-Interior Fan to keep the lamp ventilated when curing 
-5 Preset Timers: 90sec, 120sec, 180sec, 240sec, 300sec
-Easy to setup and assemble


-It sells out frequently online and can be tough to find
-Price fluctuates

Installation & Maintenance Tips

– You can swing open the bottom of the lamp to make it easier to insert lightbulbs

– Remove ALL of the blue film along the inside of the lamp

-From the Royal Nails Manufacturer: “To clean the outside and inside the dryer, use a damp cloth without any chemical cleaners. Gently rub the machine to remove any dust or dirt particles that may have accumulated on the unit.”

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