8 Nail Hacks for Easy Gel Polish Removal

1. Buff Your Nails Before Applying Nail Polish Remover to Break Up that Stubborn Gel Top Coat.2 nail buffers by e.l.f. cosmetics

2. Use an Acetone-Resistant Soak Tray.

pink acetone resistant tray with 5 holes for fingersThis awesome tray makes it very easy to soak off that stubborn gel polish without going through half a bottle of acetone!


3. Save Time With OPI Removal Wraps.

Roll of OPI Gel polish remover strips that looks like scotch tape


4. Save Money By Using Aluminum Foil and Cotton Balls To Soak Off the Gel.

Hand with finger tips wrapped in aluminum foil


5. Save Money And Time: Use Medical Tape! It’s a lot easier than foil!

roll of medical tape in packagingone finger wrapped in a cotton ball and medical tape








6. Save Your Nails! Use an Orange Wood Stick VERY GENTLY to Get Off Any Residual Polish.

pile of orange wood nail sticks7. Out of Cotton Balls? Use Medical Gauze Pads!

Stack of gauze pads


8. Save Your Nails: Wait a FULL 15 minutes for The Gel to Soak Off So You Don’t Have to Scrape and Damage Your Nails.


Timer in kitchenPhoto by r.nial.bradshaw


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