Top 5 Tips For Hassle Free Gel Polish Removal

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Let’s face it, removing gel polish can be really obnoxious! Here are the top tips to ensure you have a smooth removal process that protects your nails. Make sure to leave a week in between gel manicures so your nails will stay strong and healthy! 

1. Be Patient

This is the best tip to really make your life easier. You MUST keep acetone nail polish remover on your nails for at least 10-15 minutes to give the acetone enough time to work its magic and peel off the polish. If you cut this short then you will end up with big chunks of polish left on your nails that are really difficult to get off and require you to really scrape them off. Scraping to hard can definitely leave white spots or damage on the nails.

2. Use a Nail Polish Remover with Acetone

If you use acetone-free remover then you will have a really hard time getting that stubborn gel polish off.

3. Buff your nails before using nail polish remover

This is the secret sauce to an effortless removal! Buffing helps break up the gel nail polish top coat, making it much easier for the nail polish remover to do its job.

4. Use an orange wood stick 

This is a great tool if you use it to GENTLY remove any leftover bits of gel that survived the acetone. Just make sure not to push to hard or you will end up with white spots.

5. Moisturize

Wash your hands after removing the polish to get all the acetone off of your hands. The soap & water will wash off any remaining residue that is left on the nails. Then use your favorite moisturizer or hand cream to counteract the drying from the acetone.

Happy Gellin’!

To read a full tutorial and how-to guide on the best ways to remove gel nail polish, check out my ultimate guide.

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