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Shellac vs Gel

This is a very popular question… what’s the difference between Shellac and Gel? This guide will explain the differences between Shellac and other Gel Brands.

6 Gel Nail Art Ideas for Summer

BBQs, pool parties, beach trips…. there are so many opportunities to show off a creative manicure during the summer! Here are my top 6 favorite gel nail art designs for this summer! 1. The Baseball Manicure It’s the perfect way to support your favorite team while you’re

5 Ways to Decorate Nail Polish Racks

Nail Polish Racks are a great way to keep all your pretty polishes in a neat line and easy to find! But sometimes they can be a tad on the boring side so here are a few ideas to help you add some personalization and pizzazz to

Finger Paints Gel Polish

Review: Finger Paints Gel Polish is one of the top discount gel polishes because it’s high quality and affordable. It goes on easily because it’s not super thick so you don’t have to worry about clumping. It only takes 2 coats for you to achieve a full glossy color.

Top 5 Tips For Hassle Free Gel Polish Removal

Let’s face it, removing gel polish can be really obnoxious! Here are the top tips to ensure you have a smooth removal process that protects your nails. Make sure to leave a week in between gel manicures so your nails will stay strong and healthy! 

Ultimate Crackle Nail Polish Guide

Crackle polish is SO much fun and there are endless color combinations! Unfortunately many brands have discontinued their lines of crackle polish so I have spent time digging around to help you find where you can buy this fun polish online. Checkout the guide I created for

Gelous Nail Gel Review

What is Gelous Nail Gel? Gelous Nail Gel is a keratin-rich base coat nail polish that bonds directly to the nail to provide protection, strengthening and help your nail polish last longer without chipping.